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How do I run and use the Ez-resizer software?

How to run the Ez-resizer software:

1. Select your favorite photos. Choose up close and sharp images. Photos need to be in a JPG format only (if they are not you will get a sharing violation error)

2. Next load EZ Photo Resizer Software into CD drive on your computer. This may take 20 to 30 seconds to load. Insert your photos by clicking on the add image button

3. To select size, click on the configure button. There are many different sizes to choose from and also a custom feature at the bottom of the sizes pull down menu. Here you can put in your own sizes in millimeters (custom is for squares and rectangles only.)

4. The default paper size is 4 x 6. This does not need to be changed unless you wish to print out a full page 8 x 11 of charms.

5. You can also change the rows and columns (the default is 4 x 6). This determines how many photos will be printed on the photo paper. You can change these numbers up or down to print more or less photos. If you get a warning that the values are not useable this just means that have chosen too many photos and they are too large to fit on the paper.

6. When you are done click Create a PDF file. This will let you save your template for future use. Just rename and save on your desktop in a folder that you can access later. Sometimes your photo may need to be cropped to display properly. For example if you have a very tall or wide picture and try to fit in a square box the photo may be stretched or squashed, so you will need to crop correctly before inserting the photo for best results.

7. Now you can preview the pictures and print. Make sure you select 8 x 11 when printing this file, if you choose 4 x 6 the photo will print very, very small. There are some very fine dotted lines on the paper to use as a guide to cut the photos. The photo will print out exactly the correct size to insert in the frame of the photo charm.

8. Print photos on Photo Quality Inkjet Paper (included in kits). You can purchase additional photo paper on our website.

9. You many also want copy your CD to your computer for easy access. It is very easy to do, just create a folder on your desktop (right click your desktop then select new then Folder), name the folder ezresizer. Once you have done this copy all of the files and folders from the cd and paste them in this folder. You will then be able to run the cd from your computer by just clicking on the icon that is named Photocd.

How do I download and install the e-z resizer software?

EZ Resizer Download
How do I download and install the e-z resizer software?

1. Click on the download link. You will be asked if you want to save this file. Click Save.

2. The next screen will ask you where you want to save the file. Make sure you save the file to your desktop so you can easily locate it later.

3. Click save, and the download will begin. Once you download the file, an icon will apear on your desktop.

4. Double-click the new icon on your desktop.

5. Click on “extract.” Once again it will ask you where to save. Save the item to your desktop like before, so that you can easily locate it.

6. After you have extracted to the new folder on your desktop, open the folder. Click the icon that says “RUN ME” and your program will start.